If you would like to do some sports in the University, you just have to decide, when you have time for relax in this way.

You have different solutions with different type of seasonal tickets.


We have the physical education lessons in 30 different type of sports, every day 8.30-14.30.

You can find the list of the sports and some introductory information in our website: PE classes information


If you have time in the morning time (8.30-14.30) the best choice is the ticket called:

B-TYPE TICKET (You can buy it in Neptun by 068 form)

It costs 6500 HUF/ 16 times you can come, you can use it till the end of the semester.

With this ticket you can join any type of the physical education classes, which is in the BME Sport Center.

If you have time in the afternoon (14.30-24.00) or in the weekend (06.00-22.00), than the good choice is to buy some kind of ticket in the reception.

You can see the timetable and the prices on this website:


On the second week of the semester we will send you a report about which physical education lessons have we some place. So it will be on this website:


We have a special opportunity excusively for ERASMUS students:

You can play basketball in every Friday from 14.00-17.00 in Bercsényi Dormitory.

this is a free possibility to do sports!


We hope, you will join us!


BME Physical Education Department


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