There are two sport centers available
1/ Indoor: Budapest, XI. Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6. Central
2/ Outdoor : Budapest, XI. Bogdánfy u. 12. Athletics

If you are interested in joining our p.e. classes please visit this webpage erasmus:
www.esn.bme.hu useful info-sports- list of sports

If you would like to use the central sport center of Bertalan L. call this number – 463-1320 for availability. You can also ask in-person at the reception which is open all day seven days a week.

If you would like to use the athletic sport center at Bogdanfy ut (tennis, beach volleyball Kincses Gábor 06/20-947-3737, football, athletics: Szirmai Zsuzsa 06/30-374-7331 or please contact the Physical Education office on Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6. (phone: 06/1- 463-1197) We have ski camps starting mid-December, if you are interested please call Hellner Szelina: 06/20-257-5142

For buying ticket, you have to fill in neptun 068 blank!

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