The Physical Education Centre (Department) carries out a wide range of professional and public activities and issues publications in the field of multidisciplinary sports sciences.

In keeping with the scope and goals of its parent Faculty, the Department's research covers the following areas:

• Sports investments, finance: private and public funding in sport
• Sports management: examination of domestic and international sports organizations
• Sport psychology, sports sociology: sport as a supporting factor in the life of university students

The department has an active and close research relationship with other universities  – The University of Pécs, the University of Physical Education and the University of Debrecen

Foreign universities - Târgu-Mureş UMF; Arad Universitatea Vest; Bratislava T.U.Bratislava; Banska Bystrica University; USA University of Florida;

Sports research centres and sports associations.

At the end of 2018, the Sports Science Research Center was established which has close links with the QSMS Research Group.

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